So it’s Friday January 22th of 2016 and I find myself experiencing animal instincts. I’ve got to bulk up before this blizzard to keep warm; I obviously need to eat Italian food around NoHo. So my cravings..uh I mean animal instincts,  take me to one of the best NoHo restaurants: “Sauce”I’ve passed this place a hundred times and it’s always caught my attention because it’s very inviting. Upon walking in, I look to my left and there’s the open kitchen, I see the chefs stirring industrial sized pots filled with different sauces and plating entrees. The walls are brick and the lights are dim. Music is on but not disturbingly loud, and the staff is helpful and pleasant. Everything about this place screams, sit back, relax and indulge; or maybe that was my stomach talking.

DISCLAIMER  Before I start, let’s keep in mind that I hadn’t eaten all day… and I have the appetite of a grown man.


Once I’m seated and given the menu it’s almost as if the delicious aromas of the other patron’s food gets stronger,  making my dinner choice so much harder; I want everything! The menu isn’t extravagant or filled with unique food pairings. This place is good old fashioned Italian comfort food and my my my it is delicious!

Once you order your food, like many Italian restaurants in NYC, they serve bread. What’s not like “many Italian restaurants” is the cooked peppers and carrots cooked in olive oil with a dash of sea salt served on the side of the bread; unbelievably good! However, as delicious as it may be, I don’t like to overindulge on the bread because I know the good stuff is coming out next!

My friend and I each start out with the “Pappa Di Zucchini Soup” which I pictured to be a brothy soup. To my surprise, it’s a bisque and tastes like what dreams are made of. There’s notes of kale and hints of pepper, this soup is exactly the warmth we needed for the cold weather that laid ahead.






Next up was the appetizer, because at authentic Italian restaurants in NYC, you’ve got to have at least 3 courses! We ordered the Roasted Stuffed Pepper instead of the Mozzarella Di Bufala. Now don’t get me wrong, mozzarella of any kind never disappoints but we asked the waitress for her valued opinion and she pointed us toward the stuffed pepper and that’s the road we decided to take; definitely the road less traveled, for me. With all that being said, I was very pleased with the stuffed pepper. It was quite different than the stuffed peppers I’m accustomed to as it was vegetarian, but wow it was good! The stuffed pepper was packed with farro, wild mushroom, onion, celery, pecorino, bread and sage; this mixture left no taste bud disappointed. We definitely thanked the waitress for her recommendation.








Now the good stuff! Entrees!

I ordered the Lasagna Bolognese because the waitress recommended it. Now, let me first say that I am not one to order lasagna because, quite honestly, I get bored with it. Pasta, layered with sauce and cheese, while not disgusting, by any means, it’s just not a meal I look forward to, but Sauce’s lasagna was a totally different story. With vegetable noodles, fresh cheese and a hearty bolognese sauce, oh my goodness it was exactly what I needed! No boredom, not ordinary, extremely filling and 100% satisfying. My friend ordered Grandmother’s Tomato Gravy, which consisted of rigatoni in a meat sauce with meatballs and Italian sausage. Now, I can’t speak much on my friend’s meal because I didn’t eat it but he is a self proclaimed meatball connoisseur and had nothing but wonderful things to say about these meatballs.






IMG_7491-768x1024 IMG_7488-768x1024

All in all, there wasn’t one thing I disliked about Sauce. It has great options for all patrons – vegetarians and carnivores, alike. Now, it is a bit of a walk from the apartments on 298 Mulberry Street. It is located on 78 Rivington street (corner of Allen) but I can’t stress enough how worth the walk it is! If you don’t feel like walking, the good news is it’s 1 train stop away on the F train. Get off on 2nd Ave and walk down 2 blocks, as easy as it gets! Sauce is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in NoHo! What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?



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