Hi All!

First, lets begin by wishing all our residents, past present and potential, a very Happy Holiday!

With 2016 approaching, we thought what a great time to roll out a few new fun features! Those features include (but are not limited to) this new blog, which will be light and fun and an Instagram page (@MulberryStreetSouth) sharing all different pictures from the neighborhood, new additions to the building and of course an occasional but obligatory food picture! Our goal is to get more involved with our residents and in turn have our tenants interact with us and each other, more often.

Speaking of new fun features, on Wednesday, we threw a Holiday Happy Hour for our residents and we were very pleased with the turn out. A very big thank you to everyone who showed up, drank wine and chowed down on some delicious cheese!  We look forward to more tenant mixers in the future so if you missed it, do not fret; there will be more!